Achieve Healthy Aging With the Right Exercise


As we grow older, our physical health begins to decline. Blurry vision, wrinkles on the skin, gray hair—these are just a few of the many changes an aging adult goes through that make life challenging. When you enter your golden years, you will need support from family, friends, and even professionals. That is where Enclave Home Health Solutionsregistered nurse jobs come in!

The thought of engaging in physical activities can be intimidating for older people who are already struggling in their daily lives due to physical limitations, and as a home health care agency in Rutherford, New Jersey , it is our goal to help seniors learn to enjoy exercising by finding the kind that they prefer. Below are the four building blocks of physical fitness, along with examples:

  • Balance Exercises
    Posture exercises, Tai Chi, and yoga help enhance balance and confidence for seniors.
  • Cardiovascular Exercises
    These are exercises that improve endurance. House cleaning and walking are great cardio exercises!
  • Strength Training Exercises
    This helps protect bone mass while building muscle, which involves using elastic bands and free weights.
  • Flexibility Exercises
    Exercises such as yoga help the body stay limber while maintaining a full range of motion.

By providing home care in New Jersey, we work hard to help older people achieve healthy aging. With our assistance and guidance, seniors get to live their days of retirement with relaxation and fulfillment.

Exercise also improves not only an aging adult’s physical health but also their mental health. Through regular exercise, a senior’s quality of sleep is improved, they become more confident in themselves, and most of all, it boosts brain function. Find excellent senior care in New Jersey with us! Contact us at 877-211-8535 or


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